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On April 22nd, 20 year old Vanessa Guillien disappeared from Fort Hood Military Base in Texas. Shortly before her disappearance she called her mom to tell her about being sexually harassed and possibly assaulted by an “unnamed sergeant” it is now June 27th, they waited 2 months to even try to search for Vanessa and now Fort Hood military base is supposedly stopping their investigation into her disappearance they know what happened to her and they need to be held fully responsible. I have started this petition in hopes of either finding Vanessa Guillien alive or making Fort Hood face the consequences of what happened to her. This is not the first soldier to “disappear” from this base either this time last year another young soldier who’s body was recently found named Gregory Morales also disappeared from the Fort Hood Military Base in Texas this is not a coincidence there are stories about Fort Hood and how bad of a base it is we absolutely cannot allow this base to remain open and leave an opportunity for this happen to another innocent life who thinks they are joining the US Military to make a difference only to have their lives put at jeopardy by their own so called “brother/sisters in arms” what happened to Gregory is unacceptable and what’s going on with Vanessa is unacceptable. Fort Hood must continue their investigation into her disappearanceor admit they know what happened to Vanessa Guillien and face the consequences just cause you are in the military does not make you above the law if these people hurt Vanessa they must answer for it fully!