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The fight for Justice and Sabrina's Law

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After years of struggling with infertility and extensive fertility treatments including surgery and IVF , Natalie Hollifield finally was pregnant with Baby Sabrina. But tragedy struck only 3 months later.

On 07/21/2017 Sabrina, her mother (Natalie) and her grandmother (Maria)  were taking a short trip to the store. It would be a trip that would change their lives forever. A driver who was 18 years old named Fabian Cortez was traveling down the same highway in the opposite direction at an elevated speed at which time he went around a truck that had a trailer attached. Fabian lost control of the vehicle he was driving (Dodge 3500) slamming into Natalie’s vehicle (Chrysler 300) with Sabrina inside. Natalie’s vehicle rolled off of the highway after the impact with all three inside, while Fabian's truck flipped over several feet away. Natalie, her mother and sweet baby Sabrina were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. Fabian Cortez and his passenger received only minor injuries. After having surgery, broken bones, whiplash and an extensive concussion (with loss of consciousness) Natalie was delivered the tragic news that baby Sabrina did not survive the fatal accident.

While processing the loss of baby Sabrina her family was shocked to learn that  Fabian Cortez did not have a driver's license. Fabian Cortez claimed that he failed to see the trailer attached to the truck that was in front of him and he tried to avoid hitting the trailer and lost control of the vehicle. The wreck happened around 6:00 PM in broad daylight (in the summertime) so there should not have been a valid reason Fabian did not see the trailer attached to the truck unless he was distracted somehow or not paying attention to the road. Fabian's cell phone records shows he was not on his phone at the time, leaving the question "Why did he not see the truck and trailer?" Additionally, marijuana was found to be in his system during the investigation, but police could not prove he was under the influence at the time of the wreck.

Below is a partial list of witnesses:

On July 21, 2017-Matt **** (volunteer firefighter for Forreston Fire Department)- witnessed the wreck and elevated speed of Fabian Cortez

On July 21, 2017- Teri ***(Youth Pastor) and Kylee ***(grandaughter) - witnessed the wreck and elevated speed of Fabian Cortez

On July 21, 2017- Bobby and Robert ****** (working at a near-by house) witnessed the wreck and elevated speed of Fabian Cortez

On July 21, 2017- ****(Officer at Baylor Hospital in Waxahachie) witnessed the actions and behavior of Fabian Cortez and his passenger after the accident, as they laughed and joked at the hospital.

On January 12,2018- An annoymous witness- sent a snapchat video to myself of Fabian Cortez 2 days after the accident: partying, smoking marijuana and drinking. Showing no remorse. Same witness stated
that Fabian's passenger confessed to changing their story of how the accident happened

 Based on the evidence and witnesses I am asking Patrick Wilson (District Attorney of Ellis County) to pick up the charges on this case or to send this case to the Grand Jury to decide.

According To Texas Code § 521.021, a person “may not operate a motor vehicle on a highway in this state unless the person holds a driver's license.”

Fabian Cortez should not have been driving on the highway if he did not posses a driver's license. Fabian Cortez's father should also be held responsible to some extent since he gave Fabian Cortez permission to use his truck knowing he did not have driver's license.  Not only did Fabian Cortez violate the law , he caused a wreck in which an innocent baby lost her life . 

According to an article published by ABC News that cites the AAA Foundation for Public Safety, an unlicensed driver is the cause of one in every five fatal car crashes in the United States. Texas law requires every person who operates a motor vehicle to be in possession of a driver’s license. If it is a first time offense they get a fine no greater than $200.

This is why I am requesting "Sabrina's Law" in Texas. I believe that if a person who is unlicensed causes a car accident, they need to face consequences for both their negligent actions as well as operating a vehicle illegally. Not just receive a citation for no driver’s license. There are way to many fatal car crashes caused by unlicensed drivers.

I will not stop fighting for stricter laws and for justice for my innocent baby. I hope this will bring awareness and prevent this from happening to someone else in the future. 

The pain of losing a child is a degree of suffering that is impossible to grasp without experiencing it first hand.

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