Texas Parents for Change to Standardized Testing (STAAR)

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Currently the state mandates standardized testing for our children at a level that we feel is excessive. Ideally we would like to see most if not all eliminated, but being many are Federally mandated we know that is unlikely to happen at this time. These tests mandated by the state (STAAR) puts excessive stress and worry upon these children, especially when the result of the test can decide if the child advances to the next grade. This is unfair to the child that has worked hard all year long to pass all their standard classroom curriculum, only to be held back due to not passing the standardized test. many students do not do well in stressful situations especially when they have the prep for these tests forced on them for months in advance of taking it. During this time they are prepping for these standardized tests, they could be learning new things and advancing their education, instead they are stagnant prepping for these tests. This is unfair to the children, parents and teachers who encourage these kids all years long. 

We call for an immediate reduction of standardized testing in Texas public schools. One bill recently proposed, House Bill 515, promised to do this. It was to eliminate the passing mandate for grades 3 through 8 and also reduce the number of test taken by high school children. It would also push the testing dates back months in the year to allow for more actual class room learning time for children to learn new material rather than having test prep forced upon them. We would like to see this bill brought back before the house and Senate and have it signed into law. The amount of federal aid received based on the number of tests taken should not be more important that our children's well being.  While we would like to see more reduction of this testing, this is the latest and best attempt at reducing it.

the Texas education committee will meet sometime in mid June 2018 and we would like to have this brought before the committee. The author of HB515, Rep. VanDeaver, sits on this committee so this will be a perfect opportunity to voice our concerns and push for change for our children's sake.


If you support this call for change, please sign this petition as it will be presented to the education committee in June. Also, please contact Rep. VanDeaver and the Lt. Governor Dan Patrick's office and state your support for this change and demand action. We pay tax dollars for these representatives to do as we ask, so lets get our moneys worth.

Rep. VanDeaver Site:


(512) 463-0692


Lt. Governor Dan Patrick


The Texas Lieutenant Governor Comment Line: (512) 463-5342
The Texas Lieutenant Governor Office Line: (512) 463-0001


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