Stop Dr. Pepper Snapple from having the official soft drink of Texas

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Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company was the oldest remaining Dr Pepper bottler until 2012, producing the beverage continuously since 1891.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, almost all American soft drink bottlers switched from cane sugar to HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup) because of a rise in the price of sugar. Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company of Dublin, Texas refused to switch sweeteners, and it remained one of few bottlers in the United States to continue using cane sugar year round. Dr Pepper containing cane sugar carried the Imperial Sugar logo and thus the variant became popularly known as "Dublin" Dr Pepper. 

In June 2011, after unsuccessfully trying to capitalize on Dublin Dr Pepper's popularity by marketing a "Heritage" Dr Pepper made with "real sugar" (i.e., beet sugar instead of pure Imperial cane sugar), Dr Pepper Snapple Group sued the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company. Dr Pepper Snapple Group, the third-largest U.S. soda company with 2010 revenue of $5.6 billion dollars, accused the Dublin bottler which had sales of $7 million dollars a year and sold less than 1% of Dr Pepper's annual U.S. volume for trademark dilution and stealing sales. 

After 120 years of producing the original Dr.Pepper, on 12 January 2012, it was announced that the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company was forced to stop the production of Dr. Pepper and the name of the company would change to Dublin bottling works. 

It is our belief that a large corporation that is responsible for ending a part of Texas history that could have continued on, does not have the best interest of Texas in mind and does not reflect the pride that we have in the great state of Texas.

It is for that reason we respectfully ask that you not give the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group the title of the official soft drink of Texas.