Protect Transgender Texans

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At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!

Texas currently has over 10 anti transgender bills designed to strip trans people of their healthcare, legalize discrimination  and ban them from competing in sports. HB1458 would force children to undergo invasive tests such as a genital exam in order to determine which sports team the individual belongs on. These test could be required of non transgender individuals who are presumed to be transgender based upon their height or other characteristics that have nothing to do with gender. In order to protect everyone, we must stop this bill from going into affect. SB29, SB373 and HB4042 all require a trans individual to compete on the team that aligns with their original birth certificate. This would mean that if an error is made on a non-transgender person’s birth certificate, no corrections would be considered when that child is placed on a sports team. Studies have also shown that there is no competitive advantage between cis and trans women that is not already observed between teams that only contain cisgender women. 

HB68, HB4014 and SB1646 would make supporting trans kids punishable under the state’s “child abuse” laws. Any individual surrounding a trans kid that shows any form of support would be affected (doctors, teachers, parents, other adults, ect). Removing support from a transgender individual has been proven to increase the rate of suicide by 37%. The laws proposed by Texas are condemned by almost every major medical organization and do nothing to change the fact that trans people exist. 

Together we need to show Texas that enacting legislation that victimizes children and allows discrimination is unacceptable. Act now by sharing this petition. 

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