Pass Quaci's Law to Prevent School Shootings

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Last month NeQuacia Jacobs lost her life to senseless gun violence. The community suffers at the hands of people who have access to guns that they use to kill innocent people.

NeQuacia was an innocent 18 year old student from South Oak Cliff High School who had completed all requirements for graduation and accepted to numerous colleges throughout the state of Texas. A criminal with reckless intention and possession of a handgun took her life without hesitation. It is time for our communities to band together to protect our students and take back our communities from individuals that have no regard for human decency and life.

Our hope is that the Dallas Police Department and the community come together to continue to look for her killer. Do NOT allow another life to be taken in vain and a case left unsolved. Sign this petition to have Quaci's Law passed by Texas State House and Senate. Quaci's Law would amend the current gun laws to mandate a 25 year prison sentence for anyone who intentionally uses a gun and kills a student (18 years or younger) on school grounds and surrounding communities. Additionally, the law reform would:

  • Increase the purchasing age of guns to 21 years old
  • Ban gun altering devices
  • Background and psychological testing
  • Three day waiting period on all sales of weapons

We are asking everyone to please sign this petition as we stand against all forms of gun violence and demand justice for her case. Action is necessary from our elected officials to stop ALL gun violence. Let us speak for those who no longer have a voice. 

NeQuacia's life matters. Our children's lives matter. Our future matters.