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Outlaw paper license plates for vehicles in Texas

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Paper plates have become a favorite tool of criminals on their get away vehicles after committing crimes. It is not a reliable identification of the vehicle used in a crime for police and citizens to use. Criminals can easily purchase, make or steal  paper plates for their illegal purposes.

Make a state law that a vehicle can not leave a original sellers property for any purpose without a permanent plate on the vehicle. This plate is to stay on the vehicle until the vehicle is retired.

Revenue  can still be generated for the state by requiring a annual tax revenue sticker to be placed on plates after the first year and/or each time it is resold.

A deposit refund can be paid for turning in old plates when the vehicle is retired to be junked, used for parts or crushed for scrap. Owners must buy annual sticker or return plates.

Failure to make a permanent plate be required  to be installed  on all vehicles by original seller will allow criminals to continue to commit crimes and escape with minimal chance to be identified and apprehended.

Review and monitoring of criminal activity reports from all sources show an overwhelming preponderance of escape vehicle use paper plates.


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