KHS Walk-Out for Gun Reform

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National School Walk-Out: "We are the students, we are the victims, we are change, fight gun violence now! High School students across the U.S.A, the way to fight back is here. There has been too much complacency on the part of politicians when it comes to gun violence. The time to act is now!

Public school shootings affect communities and especially teenagers. On February 14th a High School shooting in Parkland, Florida occurred, killing 17 people. Still,  POTUS has not addressed any form of gun legislation. The majority of teenagers have no right to vote, leaving our voice unheard. The government does not hear or care how these tragedies affect our lives.  Seven children and teens are killed with guns in the U.S. on an average day ( The violence of guns is being performed in our schools and our communities. Not the Senate floor. As the future of America, it is time for teenagers to speak their minds and put their frustration into action."

As students at Kingwood High School we understand the importance of community support in times of tragedy. We cannot begin to fathom the horrors experienced by our peers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and we believe that now is the time to stand in solidarity with them as a national community. Students such as ourselves have little to no say in the political process and decisions made regarding our education and safety. This silent walk-out is being held so that lawmakers and authority can hear our voices. We encourage all the students at Kingwood and our neighboring schools to take part in the silent walkout and sign this petition in support of legislators passing stricter gun regulations such as:

- 5 day Universal Background Check (UBC)

-10 day waiting period after purchase of gun (such as the one implemented in California) 

-Mandatory gun safety class


The Plan:

On Friday, April 20th, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting National School Walkout proposes a National High School student walk out. Walk out of school, wear orange and protest online and in your communities. Sign the petition if you pledge to do so. #nationalschoolwalkout 

For Kingwood we will silently walkout 30 minutes after Senior Picnic. Join the Remind101 for more information about the silent walkout/how to get involved. Text @walkoutap to 81010

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