Keep Plumbing Regulated In Texas

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Its been almost a year since 7,000 plumbers, apprentices and friends of the trade assembled on the grounds of the State Capital building in Austin, Texas. To commemorate this years World Plumbing Day, we are asking EVERYONE to keep the torch burning by signing the petition & reaching out to their State Representatives to remind them that they have "Unfinished Business" next session and Plumbing Licensing isn't going away without a fight!! Remind them we are standing up not only for us, but those who are unaware and stand to be harmed the most by deregulation. The solution is simple, keep the TSBPE in tack and FULLY FUNDED!! Please keep all comments ands calls cordial and factual. Simply state how deregulation will affect our industry, remind them that you are a very involved voter, and most importantly the Health and Welfare of every Texan should always take precedence over everything else. Together We Can Continue To Make Change