Keep Delta-8 local and help save Texas hemp!

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The current version of HB 3948, if passed, would destroy hemp derived products industry to prevent Texas from growing into a hemp leader in America. It would force an exodus of farmers, processors, retailers and investors to other states that allow for all federally legal hemp products.  Let's not destroy hemp by accepting amendment to Sec 443.006 - THC content - to unnecessarily restrict hemp cultivation and processing in Texas.

To sign on and agree to the Senate changes listed above will eliminate any future infrastructure in Texas and will leave the farmers with no outlets to process and manufacture their biomass into higher margin products. Due to the Senate amendment adding in 443.006 Tetrahydrocannabinol Content, HB3948 will eliminate many cannabinoids from being placed in the Texas market, such as CBN, Delta 8, Delta 10, etc. By eliminating these cannabinoids from being processed and sold in Texas, these changes will be catastrophic to an already tightly squeezed hemp market in Texas. This will be felt by the farmers, processors, manufacturers and retailers.

We are petitioning against the Senate amendment relating to Sec 443.006 – THC Content.