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Get toxic chemicals out of Texas' drinking water.

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The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality(TCEQ) historical amount of negligence and repeated inaction on various issues put the consumers of Texas water at risk. A disturbing amount of Texan’s are drinking water with vile amounts of arsenic greatly exceeding the amount allowed by federal guidelines, something which is likened to “ Flint, Michigan on a large scale. “. Health experts have linked the carcinogenic water with lung and kidney cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, and other serious ailments.

Texas doesn’t tell people to stop drinking the water and instead implies that it is safe. When local utilities exceed limits, federal law requires them to state warning about the increased arsenic leading to increased cancer risk. But Texas also requires companies to state “This is not an emergency..You do not need an alternative water supply.” 

This is outrageous, as this attempts to downgrade the severity of the amount of arsenic in the water, posing serious health risks to its consumers.


65% of Texas’ schools tested above the federal requirements for lead, a chemical with a 90% higher ingestion rate for children than adults, which causes terrible health effects. Even low levels can cause permanent brain damage in children. State law is proposed, however this would just decrease the amount of lead allowed, and as health experts have widely agreed, there is no safe levels of lead for children! What’s even more shocking is that school districts are not required to test the lead levels in water.

This is unacceptable, and the TCEQ dismissal and refusal to take into account the long-discussed concerns is very disturbing and should worry parents. Children are being exposed to chemicals that could result in neurological damage, and a halt in growth, all because of their negligence.

Please sign my petition to take all lead out of children’s waters, and implement stricter legislation regarding water quality for the citizens of Texas.



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