Deny Paul Gayland Taylor Jr's Parole

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My mother, Rebecca Jean Beard was murdered by Paul Taylor in1986. She was buried in a shallow grave. Her body was never found. Paul Taylor confessed to the murder in 1995. He is currently under review for parole and has come up for parole every two years. He is also serving time for two DWIs and Soliciting Capitol Murder. He has escaped before while being a trustee. He does not need to be released. There is nothing positive that this man could add to society. The meer thought of him walking the streets, as a free man, feels like a knife in my heart.  I am asking that Paul Taylor's Parole/Manditory Supervision be denied and that he also be given the maximum sentence of 3 years. My family has been through enough, and to relive my mothers murder every two years is excruciatingly painful. I do not have my mothers body to lay at rest, I do not have a place to bring her flowers on her birthday or mothers day. He took away every possible memory I could have made with my mother. In some aspect he ruined a huge portion of my life. A mother is a very crucial person to a child, and he murdered mine 18 days before my third birthday. I have started this petition, in hopes to make you, The Parole Board Members aware, that we as society, feel threatened by this man being free. Again, I am asking that he be given the maximum time before coming up for parole again.