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Keep Texas Roads Safe before it's too late

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Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) filed Senate Bill 1588, a bi-partisan bill that will repeal the annual requirement that all passenger vehicles receive a state-certified safety inspection.  

In terminating the State Inspection program that's been around since the 50's, not only are our roads no longer going to be safe, but thousands of families will be losing their businesses, and thousands more employees will be losing their jobs.  These certified inspectors who have been giving their lives to keep our streets safe for all these years, haven't had a raise in over 20 years from the State. Even though the costs of doing business has gone up, and the inspection cost has gone up, and the workload has increased, it's only given the State more money over time. But now this lawmaker wants to save Texans an hour or less a year and $7 a vehicle because it's inconvenient!  What about the purpose behind these inspections? Safety! 

Inspections are necessary to:

1. Show proof of insurance, which we all hope our fellow drivers have.  I don't want to be hit by someone who doesn't have it!

2. A 20 point inspection that ensures you don't drive off and accidentally kill someone because your windshield wipers don't work or your bald tire blows out!  

Texas has spent millions reinventing the inspection process. Again, with no raise to the inspectors. And now it's all going to be for nothing? Throw millions in tax revenue in the garbage to save millions of hours of inconvience and $7 per vehicle?  Because you "believe" we will still have safe roads, because Nebraska does?

Nebraska vs. Texas!  How about we look at the difference in:

1. Population

2. Demographics

3. Household Income 

4. Illegal Immigrants 

5. Number of vehicles on the road

The difference is astronomical.  On any given day 50,000 inspections are done in Texas. How many fail? How many need work to pass?  How many could have gone out and caused an accident? Thousands!  And what about the loss in revenue Texas will lose to care for our roadways?

We need these safety inspections to protect ourselves. And the income to keep Texas beautiful! And to keep our economy strong!  If thousands of employees and owners lose their jobs, that's a big hit to the economy!

Some people are too busy to fix problems if not forced. Others don't care. While others can't "really" afford to fix things, so they let it go (and get a new TV instead).  For whatever the reason, is it worth the risk to Texans to save $7 and a few minutes of your year? Many people just won't care to keep their vehicles safe and more don't even know what that means!  And is it worth it to save $7 and a few minutes a year to put thousands of companies out of business and to cause all of those people to be unemployed?  No! It's not worth it!  In fact I think these inspectors need a raise! $10 per vehicle makes more sense and helps keep these small business afloat and the jobs secure!

Lets protect our fellow Texans and tell lawmakers NO! We don't want you to get rid of our safety inspections!  And let's protect those whose jobs are on the line! 


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