Excessive sentencing for crimes

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While reading this. do not assume I think my son is innocent of the crime he committed. I feel he was not given a chance to rehabilitate. The judges involved did not take any of the testimonies or support for his character in consideration. The quick decision to put him in prison was excessive, racist and unfair. Please do what can be done to minimize the sentences judges make to get "rid" of our black men.  My son, John McLaughlin Jr. agreed to a 10 yr. probation plea deal for aggravated robbery. After 4 years of not missing a payment, nor appointments with the probation officer, his probation was revoked and he was given LIFE after using drugs. He did not get a new charge, but needed to be in rehab. His probation officer recommended that he be sent to The Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility (SAFPF) / In-Prison Therapeutic Community (IPTC) which provide services to qualified offenders identified as needing substance abuse treatment. He was given a new trial due to the judge's error of threatening him he would put him in prison for 10 years and then was given 30 years. He is a first time offender. He is college educated and needs a fair chance to become productive. He has 3 beautiful young girls and a family who loves him. Please help me get this situation noticed. JUDGES have too much power.