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Determine the cause of the recent increase and intensity of earthquakes in North Texas.

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Prior to 2008, the North Texas area had only one reported earthquake. Between 2008 and 2014 we had approximately 100 small quakes that could be felt, and many more minor ones. But starting in November, 2014, the North Texas area has experienced 23 earthquakes with higher intensity. More recently (January 6th and 7th, 2015), there were 11 earthquakes in just over a 24 hour period, ranging from 1.6 to 3.6. Obviously, these earthquakes are increasing in numbers and intensity. 

While they are not large earthquakes, they are creating damage. We are now seeing:

- Damage to homes including foundation problems, pipe damage in slab foundations,cracks in walls, floors and ceilings, and decrease of structural integrity.

- Decrease in home values because of damage and living in areas that are now earthquake prone.

- Water main breaks throughout the North Texas area. 

- Our children are living in fear with the potential threat of harm.

- Our pets have increased anxiety over the frequent recurring quakes. The welfare of our pets are becoming a concern.

- A potential increase in insurance rates, or having to add earthquake insurance to our homeowner's policy.

Because of the expansive soil in North Texas and building codes that are not geared for earthquakes, any larger temblors could cause extensive damage, injury and harm to people, pets and our homes. 

It's our right as citizens,homeowners and pet owners to know the facts of what's causing the earthquakes and why the increase in amount and intensity. With all the natural gas drilling in the region, it is suspected that fracking and injection wells could be the culprit. 

Currently, the only group that is researching the issue is a group of SMU seismologists who are only determining the location of these quakes.

We would like the Cities of Irving and Dallas, plus the Texas Railroad Commission to hire an independent team (not associated with a natural gas company) to determine the cause, and then take action to help curb the increase of these quakes, if caused by fracking and injection wells. We would also like full disclosure of any profit these cities and the State of Texas receive from any natural gas companies that are currently drilling and injecting in North Texas. We want real answers, not statements from government offices that are profiting from the potential companies creating the problem.

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