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Petitioning Texas Policymakers

Disregard the request that Texas should secede from the Union.

The idea that any state can be successful without the help of the United States federal government is ludicrous. Every state relies on federal funding for a myriad of things like: education, infrastructure maintenance, healthcare, prison system funding, government assistance programs (Medicaid), low-income housing, disaster relief organizations, etc. By signing your name, you are making a statement to the policymakers of Texas, informing them that you are not going to allow them to jeopardize our state's future by permitting people blinded by their own delusions to rally for a secession from the United States. Now is not the time for Americans to allow ourselves to be divided. It is time for the country to come together and learn that, together, we can accomplish many more things than we ever could on our own. Let's stand together and let our voices be heard. We are ONE nation...and it is time for us to begin acting like it.

Letter to
Texas Policymakers
Disregard the request that Texas should secede from the Union. By seceding from the Union, you are only hurting those people who reside within the state. Each state depends on funding provided from the federal government. By advocating a secession, we would, essentially, be crippling Texans, and disenfranchising the entire state as American citizens. Together we stand, divided we fall. Please use your better judgement and realize that seceding from the Union will do irreparable harm to Texans.

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