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Stop police from acting as police when hired as security guards!

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My husband and I had taken our 18 year old son, and his friend to the movies. We were dropping her off at her apartment around 10pm. My son walked her to her apartment, and came back down to get her phone she left and took it back. We were sitting in the car waiting on him when someone from a pickup parked next to us yelled, "Hey, what are yall doing?" We didnt know if he was talking to us. He yelled it again, and I said waiting on my son to come out of his friends apartment, what are you doing. My husband told him he walked her to her apartment. He asked us who we were. We couldnt even see him, it was dark. We could only see a shadow. We asked him who he was and he said, "You want to know who I am, I will show you who I am." He ran around forced my husband out of the car, and handcuffed him, told me to get out. I called 911. He got on his radio and told them he had it under control. I begged them to send some help. He still had not told us who he was. He took my phone and told them to roll a squad car, then told me to hang up the phone. He kept telling my husband to sit on the curb, and we explained several times that he cant, due to double knee replacements, and that he cant get down that far. He yelled at me, my husband told him not to yell at me, and he wrestled my husband to the ground!!!! He says he "helped" him sit down. That is why my husband has scratches on his face, and his glasses are broken, his watch is broken, and he has scratches on his hands. He kept telling us that we were going to jail! We kept asking for what, he finally said loitering, and illigal parking...because my back tire was over the line. He told me that since I wanted other police there, he was having them bring another squad car, and when they got there, he would decide if I was going to get in it. My husband asked if somone had called in, and he said he didnt have to call in, he was a cop! That was the first time he told us who he was, and this was about 15 min into the assult.We tried over and over to tell him what we were doing, and why he did what he did.. his replies were, "Are you done?" or, "Keep taking, keep talking!"

The police got there, and all they did was tell us to calm down. We tried and tried to tell them what he did.. they acted like he called for back up, not like I called 911. They just keep telling us to calm down.

He finally told me that he was going to uncuff my husband and let him go, but I was to get in the car first. I told him I needed to help my husband up. He told me to get my *** in the car. He said you will both get in and leave immediately. I told him I wasnt leaving my child. He asked his age, and I told him 18...he said he was old enough to get home. I begged the other police to help me, I wouldnt leave him. The orriginal officer told me that he suggested I go in and find him. So, I was supposed to go into a gated community and knock on doors at 11 oclock at night???? I got in the van, and my kiddo finally ran out. I told him to stay where he was, they forced him off property. They finally uncuffed my husband and we left. My husband and I have been seen in the ER, and he has a sprained knee, and bruised hip, amongst the other bumps and bruises. This guy was WAY out of line, and should be stopped before he hurts someone else, or worse!!!!!!

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