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The giant oil companies want to keep holding American consumers hostage to expensive, polluting fuel. They’ve spent tens of millions to kill a clean energy plan in Congress, and now they’re pumping millions more into an effort to kill California’s groundbreaking clean energy law!

California passed one of the toughest anti-global warming laws in the world four years ago. It serves as a model for other states to hold polluters accountable and develop innovative clean energy sources, propelling California to the leader of the green economic movement.

But this landmark law is under attack by Texas oil companies. They’re funding a Nov. 2 ballot proposition to kill it because they know this isn’t just about one state. California's law is a milestone toward ending America’s addiction to fossil fuels, and they don’t want new competition from clean energy sources.

Those trying to kill the law – including Texas companies Valero Oil and Tesoro Corp. – are opening their war chests to the tune of $8.3 million in contributions so far.

They figure if they can gut clean energy laws in California it will cripple similar efforts around the country, and halt innovative, renewable energy alternatives for years to come. Consumers will continue to be at the mercy of Big Oil and the spiraling, unstable prices that come with that control.

Take action and tell the CEOs of the Texas oil companies behind Prop 23 that you stand with the people of California and their right to a cleaner, greener future.

Letter to
Valero Bill Klesse, CEO and Eric Fisher, Vice President
Tesoro Corporation Greg J. Goff, CEO and Lynn D. Westfall, Senior Vice President
Texas oil companies -- including yours -- are spending millions to push Prop 23, which would
kill a groundbreaking law passed by California to encourage clean energy, improve air quality,
and hold polluters accountable.

Since most of the money for Prop 23 is coming from oil interests like yours outside California,
I am joining a national, grassroots effort to stand with Californians in opposition to this dirty
energy ballot measure.

California’s clean air law (AB 32) is designed to reduce pollution and encourage clean energy
innovation. Today, California leads the U.S. in renewable energy capacity and clean energy
technology, and has made efficiency a top priority to reduce energy demand, pollution and consumer
energy bills. Prop 23 would halt that progress.

Prop 23 also would kill competition from California’s newly emerging clean energy businesses

that will reduce our dependence on oil. Despite a tough economic environment, clean energy
businesses and technologies are already exceptional bright spots in California's economy, with
more than 500,000 jobs to date. Those jobs also are at risk.

Your companies should be working toward reducing your pollution and finding alternative
clean energy sources, instead of trying to keep us stuck on dirty energy. It is unfortunate that
your company and other big oil leaders are supporting this misleading and irresponsible ballot
proposition that will continue California’s -- and America’s -- addiction to polluting fossil fuels.

I pledge to do all I can -- including talking to my friends, family, and neighbors -- to make sure
Prop 23, the dirty energy measure, is soundly defeated in November.

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