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Texas Office of the Govenor: Don't cover crisis pregnancy centers under WHP


My name is Rene Resendez, I live in Odessa Texas and am a graduate student. I am also a Women’s Health Program enrollee. WHP has helped me not have to worry about finding money to pay for basic women’s healthcare services. I worry about cervical cancer since my mother had it when she was young. Thanks to WHP and Planned Parenthood I can get the medical care I need.

I am asking Governor Perry not to cover Crisis Pregnancy centers under WHP. These centers provide little more than a drugstore pregnancy test. At the same time, Rick Perry has also chosen to defund adequate providers of WHP like Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood provides women with basic women’s healthcare including but not limited to contraception and cancer screenings. Now he has chosen to tell me and Texan women that I can’t see Planned Parenthood for my cancer screenings, but I can go get a pregnancy test at a crisis pregnancy center. This doesn’t make sense. Stand with me and Texan women and sign and share this petition. A pregnancy test is not contraception, a pap smear, or medical care. 

Letter to
Texas Office of the Governor
I stand with Texan women. I am asking you to not fund crisis pregnancy centers under the Women’s Healthcare Program because they are inept of providing adequate healthcare to Texan women. These centers do not provide comprehensive women’s healthcare and to fund them would be a disservice to Texan women. The program covers women from ages 18-44, and the majority of these women enrolled in WHP are young women under the age of 30 that cannot afford these services with an average income 185% or less than the federal poverty level. College students, like Rene and her sister depend on this program until they can afford private health insurance.

Most Crisis pregnancy centers do not offer:
- Pap smears
- Cancer screenings
- Contraception
- Prescriptions
- Well woman’s visits
- Sti testing
- Medical consultation
- Blood pressure screenings

What most Crisis Pregnancy Centers DO offer:
- Drugstore pregnancy tests
- False information regarding pregnancy, contraception and legislation.
- No trained medical staff on site

However, WHP does not cover pregnancy costs. So why would WHP cover crisis pregnancy centers since they provide no medical care and also since WHP does not cover pregnant women? It does, however, cover contraception, which helps women prevent unintended pregnancies and decide if and when they want to start a family. It also helps low income women, students, mothers get cancer screenings they need that they otherwise would not be able to afford. Early detection is key to successful treatment, but many women now are left without this care due to clinics being excluded from the program, cut hours at existing clinics, and long wait times. Even if women can get an appointment, many will not be able to accommodate extended travel or wait times.

Texan women are already feeling the effects of your decision to defund providers such as Planned Parenthood which provides over 40% of WHP enrollees with healthcare services that crisis pregnancy centers cannot. 53 clinics have closed due to funding cuts and 38 have reduced hours that make it harder for women to get appointments. Women have struggled to find new providers only to be told that clinics do not accept/or are not accepting new WHP patients or that some of the listed providers are colonoscopy clinics.

Governor Perry, I stand with Texan women when I say enough is enough. Do not fund inept centers over quality medical providers like Planned Parenthood. Many women are already suffering from your previous decisions regarding the women’s healthcare program. This includes undetected cancer and unintended pregnancies.

How does a drugstore pregnancy test help a woman with undetected cervical cancer? How does a drugstore pregnancy test help a young women get contraception? How does a Texas Governor help Texan women by taking away clinics that provide healthcare and giving them drugstore pregnancy tests?

He doesn’t.

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