Public Hearing on Dr. Adeniran Ariyo

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Public Hearing on Dr. Adeniran Ariyo

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Egbe Omo Oduduwa started this petition to Complaint Texas Medical Board

 The Egbe Omo Oduduwa is presenting this Letter in addition to our Petition for a Public Hearing in the matter brought against Dr. Abraham Adeniran Ariyo, a Dallas-based Cardiologist.  We are an interested party because the allegations leveled against Dr. Ariyo is not only not connected with his Professional practice but strictly with his Ethnic Origin, which is Yoruba, and we are a Yoruba organization whose members are directly and indirectly involved and affected in  and by the complaint leveled against Dr. Ariyo, having been alleged to have made a statement which the Igbo Ethnic group from Nigeria considered to be a "hate speech" hence the  complaint against him being tied to his professional practice.

 Dr. Ariyo was alleged to have posted the following on his "facebook" page: “You see how they (the Igbos) are being slaughtered in South Africa. That’s what’s going to happen to them in Lagos…When are they (the Igbos) not going to be slaughtered in Abuja?…God might have put a curse on them (the Igbos)…We will continue to bus them (the Igbos) to Onitsha.” .

His Igbo accusers have called for sanctions against him and have further gone to allege that he may have poisoned his Igbo patients.

We would like to point out that the above is a fabrication by his traducers, who also have a history of such fabrications against the Yoruba, to such an extent that these traducers embark on hacking  US Government Court of Justice websites and forging documents in order  to damage the personal and professional reputations of their victims. There are documented evidence to prove our assertion.

There is thus a need to go deeper into the specific instances referred to in the “Facebook” post, that is, on South Africa; Abuja and the “busing” to Onitsha.

SOUTH AFRICA: The on-going crisis in South Africa, featuring violent attacks by South Africans on immigrants from other parts of Africa is being variously analyzed as stemming from what the citizens of South Africa  perceive as “foreign” domination of their society, as well as allegations of criminal activities (like illegal drug distribution) by immigrants. The point about the Igbo Nigerians in this is that, in Nigeria, the predominant news is that Igbo Nigerian immigrants in South Africa are the most affected.

ABUJA: Right now, the Igbo are claiming to be the “owners” of Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital, because, according to them, and without any data in support of such an assertion, they “own” 70% of the properties in that place; and they are therefore demanding that the Federal Cabinet Minister  to be responsible  for Abuja must be an Igbo. Such assertions and baseless demands are generally known to be a constant feature of Igbo behavior in Nigeria, and therefore a frequent source of frictions between the Igbo who reside outside the Igbo homeland in Nigeria and the indigenous peoples among whom they reside. 

“BUSING” to ONITSHA: The Lagos State Government of Nigeria in 2014 decided to send a number of the destitute Igbo resident in Lagos back to their states in Igboland; just as it decided to do for similar persons from other parts of Nigeria, even including some Yoruba states. All the state governments involved were contacted and arrangements made for the governments to receive their people. In the particular case of Onitsha, an Igbo-governed town in one of the Igbo States, the Igbo government agreed to receive the destitute at a particular point and time, but that government failed to do so without explanation or notice to the Lagos government - thus jeopardizing the welfare of  the destitute folks. As is common with the Igbo people, they then noisily started using the situation to cast aspersion on the Yoruba people in general, to the extent that the Lagos government was declared to be an enemy of the Igbo. These destitute had been formally given medical attention by the Lagos State government before the relocation order was given. Yet the Igbo accused that government of “genocide” and incited the Igbo living in Lagos to embark on protest actions against the Lagos government. Documented evidence to support our assertions on these issues can be provided.

 Beyond these, we also want to use this opportunity to set certain records straight vis-a-vis the political underpinnings of the entire complaint:

Dr. Adeniran Ariyo’s “Facebook” statement was a direct fall-out of the most recent elections in Nigeria. The Yoruba and the Igbo are two of the largest Ethnic Nations in Nigeria. Since the amalgamation of the separate Ethnic Nationalities into what became known as Nigeria, these two different Nationalities have always held opposing views on what Nigeria means and what it would become.

The Yoruba have always held that because of the different cultural and linguistic characteristics of Nigeria, the best form of government ought to be Federal, based on linguistic and ethnic-national characteristics; and this was manifested in all of the Yoruba political representations and practices, which enabled the dominant political party in Yorubaland at the time, the Action Group, to advocate for political autonomy for other Nationalities aside from the three major Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa-Fulani to such an extent that it was the only political party that recognized the existence of Ethnic minorities in Nigeria and advocated for representation for them(and actually had a minority in its delegation to Constitutional Conferences that eventually led to Nigeria’s Independence) because the party itself was not simply a Yoruba party, even as its roots emanated from Yorubaland.

 On the other hand, the Igbo have always held that Nigeria could only be a unitarized country, where the lingual and cultural differences must be neutralized and this has conditioned the Igbo political practices and mindset, which made the Igbo-dominated political party to attempt to not only take over the country but also attempt to destroy the Action Group both politically and militarily. These attempts are also documented.
Thus, historically, the Igbo have always held  such nebulous and disruptive notions such as:

(a)    The Igbo domination of Nigeria is only a matter of time.

(b)   The Igbo are the only group capable of achieving anything and must viciously deny achievements by other Nigerian nationals. .

(c)    Wherever any Igbo buys some property in Nigeria, the Igbo people have a right to claim territorial ownership of the place.

(d)    The Igbo, by virtue of their numerical supremacy(which is flatly untrue), have the right to dictate to other groups even in those other peoples' homelands.

 These, and more that are not mentioned in order to minimize space, form the foundational mindset of the Igbo. Needless to say, these claims are not only false, but are known by the rest of Nigeria to be false, often laughably false.

By the time of the governorship elections, the Igbo made it very clear that they intend to use the elections to take over the government of Lagos, using their Yoruba proxies—which will not be their first time. The Yoruba had to resist and the cultural leader of the Yoruba in Lagos, in the person of the Oba(king) of Lagos had to openly decry the Igbo attitude. It is within this context that Dr. Adeniran Ariyo made his statement.

The last general elections in Nigeria exposed this mindset in a fundamental way, when the Igbo started more or less an Igbo ethnic war of insults and denigration against the people of the Yoruba state of Lagos. Having thus provoked so much anger against themselves, the Igbo then expressed their intention to use the elections to take over the government of the Yoruba state of Lagos, using some Yoruba proxies—which will not be their first time. They failed of course.

The traditional king (Oba) of the Lagos kingdom in Lagos State had to openly decry the Igbo disruptions. Most Nigerians who commented on this unhappy situation in Lagos warned that the Igbo were really threatening to cause trouble in Nigeria. It is within this context that Dr. Adeniran Ariyo made his statement.

We also make the following assertions, which are all documented:

(1)   Never in the existence of the Yoruba, in its 1000-year recorded history as Black Africa's leading urban-dwelling nation, have they embarked on any violence against any other ethnic nation.

(2)   The Yoruba people are widely acknowledged by other peoples of Nigeria as the most hospitable and most accommodating people. As a result, most other Nigerian nationals fleeing from hard conditions in their own homelands choose the Yoruba homeland as their destination. As a result, very large numbers of non-Yoruba now live among Yoruba people in the Yoruba homeland. Among these, though the Igbo are not the most numerous, the Igbo are the most prone to insult their Yoruba hosts as well as other nationals, and to cause needless tension and noise in the Yoruba homeland. Welcoming, accepting and helping foreigners is an ancient tradition of the Yoruba people, as is respecting everybody in the practice and propagation of their chosen religion. In fact, Yoruba kings traditionally supervised the welfare and treatment of non-Yoruba in the land. It is because of all these traditions, and the fact that Yorubaland is the most urbanized and most developed part of Nigeria, that thousands of non-Yoruba are streaming to Yorubaland from other parts of Nigeria these days. But the Igbos are now making these commendable Yoruba traditions look like evidence of Yoruba weakness, and are frequently generating tension and conflict.

(3) When the British colonial authorities granted self-government to the three regions of Nigeria in the 1950s (the predominantly Yoruba Western Region, the predominantly Igbo Eastern Region,  and the predominantly Hausa-Fulani Northern Region), the Western Region's indigenous Government embarked on the most advanced development programs in Nigeria (including the first free-education program in Africa), programs that benefited all ethnic groups and residents of the region, regardless of their different ethnicity. Indeed quite a lot of Igbo from the Eastern Region came to live in the Western Region in order to benefit from the Yoruba-led programs.

(4)   The Igbo Government of the Eastern Region, even at that time, was conspiring with the Government of the Northern Region to destroy the Government of the Western Region. These are well documented.

(5)    At the time of the civil war in Nigeria between 1967 and 1970; all of the Igbo properties left behind by the Igbo who went to Biafra were protected in Yorubaland by the Yoruba; a lot of which were rented out and rental proceeds kept for the Igbo owners who collected them upon their return after the failure of  Biafra.

(6)   Under the outgoing president of Nigeria (who is partly of Igbo descent), several economists of Igbo origin have been at the helm of Nigeria’s economic affairs, with the attendant result they have ruined Nigeria's economy; yet the Yoruba have not blamed the Igbo collectively for this.

Based on the above, and many more not listed here, we hereby ask that if any action will be taken on the allegations against Dr. Ademola Ariyo, we demand a Public Hearing on the immediate and remote causes of all the issues raised, both within the ambiance of the law as well as its cultural-cum-political underpinnings, where we will be able to prove all of what had been written above(and more) and the Igbo will also be able to prove their case so that the American public and official system of fair play and justice is not corroded by lies and innuendos and stampeded into unlawful persecution of a person.

Thank you for your attention, sir.

Dele Rahman; for and on behalf of Egbe Omo Oduduwa 

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