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Please Eliminate the STAAR Tests in Texas

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Dear Lt. Governor Dan Patrick,

On Friday, the 13th of May, you stated that you are prepared to sacrifice federal public education funding which is specifically dedicated to the needs of poor Texas children in your self-serving crusade against transgendered students. I feel pretty confident that you and your Tea Party friends in the legislature will follow through on this threat, which brings me to ask you a question/favor.

Without federal funding, what is keeping us from eliminating the standardized testing that costs Texas schools upwards of $13 billion per year? The results of this last round of tests have been a disaster, and they have never really been accurate measures of anything more than the relative affluence of the schools and districts anyway. How about getting rid of them entirely, repurposing the $6+ billion we save to reduce class sizes, and recapture over 45 days for actual instruction instead of test prep? It's not like the standardized tests have done much to help you in your quest for charter school proliferation, since on average our public schools out-test charters. It sure would be nice to use your desire to thumb your nose at President Obama for something that benefited all Texans.

Think it over and get back to us.

Everybody who cares more about their kid's actual education than policing bathrooms

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