Provide services for the 153,551 Texans with disabilities on waiting lists

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In Texas, there are currently 153,551 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities on waiting lists to receive services through different Medicaid waiver programs. Those on waiting lists are denied services paid for by Medicaid which may include: physical and specialized therapies, supported employment, adaptive aids such as wheelchairs, medical supplies, day programs, respite care, speech and language pathology, transition service assistance, and so much more.

Texas continues to sit at the bottom of the ranking for removing people with disabilities from waiting lists. Our most current number shows there are 153,551 individuals with I/DD in Texas waiting for services. That's just about all of the population of Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Vernon, Iowa Park, Holliday, Henrietta, Electra, and Petrolia! 

To see a visual comparison of other states from 2016, click on the following link:
In this graphic, you will see that in 2016, Texas was home to over 46% of people on waiting lists out of our entire country.

At The Arc of Wichita County, we encounter people on a daily basis that are on waiting lists and we can see the negative impact this has on their lives. Our hope is that by bringing this to light, that those with disabilities in our area along with the other 153,000+ people in Texas will be moved off of the waiting lists and receive the support so desperately needed. Serious change has to take place for the waiting list to be significantly reduced, and the only way that is possible will be for the I/DD community to speak up! 

Thank you and be sure to spread the word!