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Texas Lawmakers: Keep School Zones and College Campuses Gun Free Zones!

Guns have no place in our schools or in the presence of children. We are trying to protect our children from gun violence, yet we are allowing more guns to be present around our children if we allow teachers/licensed gun permit holders to carry and conceal guns in classrooms. The presence of guns in schools make guns more readily available to children or anyone who may become violent. With all of the undetected mental diseases and depression anyone can be prone to acting outside of their sound mind and judgment. The same teachers we are arming in our schools can potentially become a threat to students or even worse a student disarms a teacher. Let's think about this rationally.

Letter to
Dallas, District 13 Mavis B. Knight
Texas State Senate
Texas State House
and 9 others
Senator Ted Cruz
12th District of Texas Kay Granger
U,S, Texas Senator John Cornyn
U.S. Texas Senator Ted Cruz
Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson
Waco, District 14 Sue Melton
Chair Barbara Cargill
Dallas, District 12 Geraldine Miller,
Texas Governor
Keep School Zones and College Campuses Gun Free Zones!

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