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Find a Fair Punishment for Stephen Keenan's Crime

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Stephen Keenan has a T12 Thoracic burst fracture that has left him in a wheelchair. To survive within the law, Stephen would have to take 15 prescription pills a day to deal with his injury, which would tax his liver, kidneys, and other vital organs, weakening his health even more. Stephen took it upon himself to find another way to manage his health, which reduced his pill consumption down to 4 a day. He accomplished this with the help of medicinal cannabis, even though he lives in a state that has not legalized medical marijuana.
Unfortunately for Stephen, his house was raided by the police because of a tip received by confidential informant, and all of his medicinal plants were seized, along with Stephen being taken to jail. Stephen spent less than a week in the hospital ward of the jail, but because he was denied the care he needed, ended up with numerous bed sores- sores he had never had before, despite being in a wheel chair for over 7 years.
Now, Stephen is having to fight a costly battle with the courts to keep himself out of jail, and basically, to keep himself alive. If sentenced to prison time, Stephen will slowly but surely die. I am not saying that due to Stephen's condition, he should be acquitted of all charges against him and go home free. I am asking that a rightful punishment be given to him, for all our actions have consequences, but his crime does not deserve the death penalty, which is what a prison sentence would be. It is cruel and unusual punishment to let Stephen waste away in a prison that can't care for him as needed, even in the hospital ward.
Stephen is an active part of the community, and loved and respected by many. All he wanted to do was find a way to stay alive and really be able to live and enjoy life. His crime doesn't equate to death. Please, sign my petition for a rightful punishment for Stephen Keenan.

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