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End Collaboration with Israeli Diamonds industry

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Mr. Robert Harrison,
President                                                                                                                       Texas Jewelers Association

We are writing to request that the Texas Jewellers Association end its association and collaboration with the Israeli Diamonds Industry (IDI). The IDI funds an apartheid regime that is guilty of unregulated nuclear weapons proliferations and gross human rights violations. I appeal that you cancel the proposed Texas - Israel Diamond Event that is scheduled to take place on September 29-30. Please don’t allow blood drenched diamonds to masquerade as conflict free. Let consumers know all the facts about Israeli diamonds that fund war crimes in Palestine. They are not conflict-free they are blood diamonds.

Facts about the Israeli diamond industry that the Texas Jewellers Association hasn’t mentioned:

1. The IDI is “a cornerstone of the Israeli economy” and a major source of revenue for the apartheid regime that murders, maims and terrorizes innocent Palestinian men, women and children with impunity on a daily basis.
2. The IDI generates about $1 billion annually for the Israeli military which stands accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the UNHRC, HRW and Amnesty International. Diamonds that fund war crimes are blood diamonds.
3. Revenue from the IDI helps fund Israel’s clandestine, unregulated nuclear weapons proliferation program – the only one in the Middle East. 
4. The IDI in Israel is notorious for discrimination against non-Jews , Christians and Muslims, who make up twenty percent of the population of Israel and are not employed by Israeli diamond companies.
5. The Israeli Diamond Exchange is a hot bed of corruption and fraud. In 2012 authorities discovered the operation of an illegal bank involved in fraudulent transaction worth billion of shekels in the Israeli Diamond Exchange. The IDI forced authorities to shut down the investigation and reach an “agreement” with the industry. 
6. Cut and polished blood diamond from Israel are not subject to any human rights regulations and evade the strictures of the Kimberley Process regulations which only apply to “conflict diamonds” – narrowly defined as “rough diamonds used by rebel movements or their allies to fund violence against legitimate governments”. 

It is our hope that the Texas Jewellers Association ends all of its association and collaboration with the Israeli Diamonds Industry (IDI).

Respectfully submitted,

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