Early release

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My son was charged and found guilty on 3 counts intox assault causing serious bodily injury with a deadly weapon (car)  When my son was sent to prison he had 1 grandson and now 9 years later he has 7 grandchildren.  Those children need their grand father to help raise them. With in a few months of him going to Huntsville I had a cardiac arrest the should have killed me,  When my son got a call about this concerning if the kids wanted to take me off the machines he immediately went into the chapel where there was a meeting going and the chaplin had he tell about the call.  Every one of the inmates there formed a circle and prayed for me.  He was washed by the holy spirit and his journey with HOD began and he has been a party of Kiaros a my daughter and myself as well He has finally mad it to the faith unit as he had been waiting for several.  He want to get his sentence to be reduced and being a ministery for the inmates as well as share his story that might keep others from following in his footprints. 

The result of the accident he was found guilty on did not cause any deaths yet his sentence of 60 years is excessive for the charges.  I am not in good health and really need him home as soon as this passes.

Thank You