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STOP ARRESTS  FOR LEGAL MEDICAL CBD (used for seizure relief )

This Petition is to inform the public and to petition the Justice System to STOP the RAIDS and terrorization of citizens and small businesses for CBD (Cannabidiol) Products. Raids have recently been conducted on small business owners and citizens for the use and distribution of CBD products. CBD was falsely generalized as prohibited narcotic. Fact is that CBD has no known narcotic constituents. Fact is also that CBD has shown promising health and medical progress for a number of ailments both physical and psychological including ADHD, Arthritis, Tourette Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Migraines, Alzheimer, various Cancers, Crohn’s Disease and much more.

There is a total of 113 known Cannabidiol constituents each with its own medicinal benefits.  After extensive research and the conclusion that CBD has NO NARCOTIC or “high” effect, and because of its promising and vast medicinal uses and benefits, the federal government decriminalized the use and distribution of CBD and made it accessible to the public.  

Within the timeframe of the federal decriminalization and legalization of CBD several small businesses and citizens have been violated within their 3rd and 4th Amendment Rights of the United States Constitution. Shops and Citizens have been raided and searched without probable cause or search warrants. Citizens have been arrested for CBD products. THIS HAS TO STOP. Who is next? The mother that is treating her child with CBD because the doctors are powerless? The daughter that is finally being recognized again by a mother or father that was diagnosed with Alzheimer? The brother that can finally treat his cancer? The Wounded Veteran that is sleeping through the night for the first time? WHO IS NEXT? YOU????

Sign our petition and stand up for yourself and for your neighbors, your mother and your father, brother and sister. For the Veterans that served this Country with Honor. Stand up and fight the injustice. Let the Government and Law Enforcement know that you are in charge of your own healthcare and medical options. Let them know that the abuse and misuse of the United States Constitution and your rights, is NOT OK!    

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