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Make the system aware of coercive control! Too many families destroyed because of it.

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I was with my Abuser for four years. I seen red flags but never understood what they were. Because I'd never been around such people. I'm forced into a 50/50 agreement with our daughter. Mainly because of the Manipulated Evidence he accumulated on me over a year after his hidden abuse on me. In our agreement the Amicus attorney ordered our four year old to see a counselor. During our 1st visit to her therapist the therapist was documenting and watching both parents closely. During our daughter second session, I was told to stay away from her father. She don't understand why he have possession of our daughter, it's hard getting Evidence on them kind. The therapist said it's the Money is why she's in his possession. God forbid he do something to her. (I'm Afraid for my daughter) MONEY CANT BUY HER ANOTHER LIFE. A new brain or heart, I've been warning people that Her Father shows sever signs of personality disorders. (I won't name the two). But I do believe the courts Judges etc should be make aware of Narcissism. I've learned so much about it since God revealed who he is to me through prayer and angels, after speaking out. Two people told me I'm dealing with such person. I'm going to do what I'm told and stay away from him. By any means. I'm forced to exchange her with him, that's it! Her therapist, knows something isn't right with him. She asked me did I agree to that Order. I said yes because of all the Manipulated Evidence he bragged about having on me. And calls me crazy after his abuse on me. The system needs help! This world need help. Money Can't Buy Respect, Love, Character.



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