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Legalize Marijuana in Texas

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I am 29 Years old,  I am A Father of 2, and a husband to a Lovely Wife. 

But I am also a Cancer fighter.. At 29 people say I'm to young to have cancer, but I've seen young. I've seen children at MD Anderson fighting a disease that bring grown men to their knees. 

We all know and have heard that Marijuana has been proven to stabilize and cure Cancer in many people, also the other health benefits. Helping people with illnesses have an appetite to eat, insomnia, pain and so many more to list.

We all know that the reason Texas won't pass the law is because most politicians are backing pharmaceutical companies probably for a year end bonus.

But imagine if it were you, or ur child, when there is a natural cure, why would you want to fill your child with poison, that eventually makes them sick in the end. A promise of hope, but just an extention of time.

Once we can legalize Marijuana we will have people we love off poison and onto something natural.

We'll have more jobs, more taxes to build up our country, schools, roads, the borders would be more secure. It would put a big pay cut into the smuggling of Marijuana. 

People can get it anywhere if they want it, so it's pretty useless to try and fight it. People who are against it, you don't have to do it. But if u get sick and cannabis oil could be your only result. What would you really do..

Think about it.



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