Keep Personal Services out of Phase 1 Openings and Give Access to Disaster Funding

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Personal service providers (hairdressers, nail techs, barbers, massage therapists, ect) have been neglected during this pandemic. We have been pushed aside for federal financial assistance only to watch publicly traded companies profit from the stimulus. A large portion of the industry, comprised of sole proprietors and Independent contractors, have also struggled to collect unemployment. It is crucial for the well being of these individuals, their families, and the future success of their businesses, that they have equal access to disaster relief funds and unemployment.

We need broader sweeping access to the resources, and protection against rent liabilities at our businesses. These steps must be taken, so that when the time is right, our businesses can provide the services that not only contribute to the well being of most Americans, but also contribute to the stimulus of our economy. 

Additionally, the push for personal service-based businesses to be included in the early stages of states opening, needs to stop. The nature of our business is that we are in close proximity and touching our clients for prolonged periods of time. We should be among the last to be safely phased into openings. Reducing occupancy does not reduce the amount of contact we have with clients. In fact, it only reduces the amount of hairdressers that can work at one time. This, not only fails us from a pubic safety standpoint, it also means that many small businesses will not be able to produce the appropriate income to pay staff and landlords. In conclusion, opening too soon, with heavy restrictions, compromises our personal safety and puts our businesses at risk of financial failure.  

We need state officials to not only give our industry the appropriate access to funds, but also prioritize our safety, by pushing our industry to the back of the line for reopening.