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Help me to get justice for my son Darryl Hall and so many other abused kids

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My name is Angela D. Oliver and my son is Darryl Hall. My son Darryl has benn since 2011 diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and ADHD these diagnosis came after continueous abuse at a elementary school he attended in Austin Texas. To make things worse after CT scans and pediactric visits, it was discovered that my son had been choked. A mothers worst nightmare came to light when the story came forward by my son and on a continueous basis he was taken out of class and sent to a behavioral class that I knew nothing about ! For a whole year my son was being tourtered and the school made it seem as if he was causing problems. The school covered it up and would not provide me any help with his schooling and I homeschooled my son myself for almost 2 years and it was not easy, Darryl was not able to focus and he stayed in fear, he constantly cried, wet the bed, would wake up screaming out of his sleep and would contantly take flight or run. So in 2014 we moved to San Marcos and everything was ok at first. Now my son with what he was fighting went from a AB honor roll student to Special Education and San Marcos introduced me to the FOCUS program and I was told that he would have to go to another school in their district until they were able to get the area done over the summer for him. So we made arrangements for him to be transferred to the other school and he wasnt there even three days and he came home and told me that he did not like the school.  He said that it was not right, He said mama they keep me in this blue room most of the day and I dont like it. By this time my son had been set up with a special therapist that would go to the school to check up on him. Low and behold when  she went to see him twice, they claimed that he was sleeping !!. Then it came on out, they were keeping him in the room all day, and he would get so upset to the point he would have panic attacks and siezures ! Then to add to the insult they were calling the police to make it seem as if he was being disruptive in class but he was stuck in a small room all day. My son has bite marks on his arm, he was being pinched and was not treated well at all. Constantly my son rights were violated on both the state and federal level and it was all covered up...or at least they thought they did.

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