Restore Honesty and Fairness to the Texas Lottery!

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The Texas Lottery is supposed to be fair and honest.  However, the Lottery and its private operator, GTECH, sold deceptive Fun 5’s scratch-off tickets to Texas lottery players promising they would win if their tickets revealed a Money Bag symbol. Over 1,000 players got Money Bags but GTECH refused to pay their prizes. The Lottery and GTECH continued to sell the deceptive tickets even though up to 100 players per day were complaining that they had been cheated. The Executive Director of the Lottery Commission, Gary Grief, testified in a deposition that the players’ complaints did not cause him any concern.  A Dallas judge has now ruled that both the TLC and GTECH are immune from suit even if they commit fraud on Texas lottery players.  We, the citizens of Texas, are shocked to hear that our lottery officials and GTECH can defraud us and cannot be held accountable.  We demand that our elected officials restore honesty and fairness to the Texas Lottery now.  The lottery operations contract says that GTECH can be terminated for cause if it “engages in any conduct that results in a negative public impression” with respect to Texas Lottery games.  GTECH sold a deceptive ticket to the Texas Lottery and refused to stand behind the promises it made on the ticket.  We call upon our elected leaders to exercise our contractual right to terminate GTECH for cause.  The Executive Director of the Lottery Commission showed a lack of respect for the lottery players by ignoring their concerns.  We call upon our elected leaders to hold him accountable and to shake up the top management at the Texas Lottery Commission.  If Texas is going to run a gambling operation, the least our state leaders can do is make sure it is fair and honest.