Free Keyman

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In 2017 my brother, Keoddrick Polk and 20 at the time, was wrongly convicted of Capital Murder. The co defendant, Cedric Richardson, was making a trade with the young man, Breon Robinson. During the trade, Breon attempted aggravated robbery on Keoddrick and Cedric. In defense, Breon was shot.

During the trial, no evidence of Capital Murder was presented, the evidence that they were showing was forensics. They had no evidence leading to Capital Murder, for example, they flew in doctors and medical examiners, which only described the details of the wounds to the body. 

Cedric was not charged with Capital Murder and is a free man. But, how is it Capital Murder if the co defendant is free? He told his side of the story, which led him to freedom but somehow because Keoddrick wasn't talking, he gets convicted.

My brother is a strong, independent man who had and could still have wonderful things going for himself. He is a star basketball player, and a very helpful and supportive friend, brother, son, and student. He is not a killer, or a robber. 

In the streets there is a term "life or in jail" because when you're maneuvering there is a possibility that you will run into your match. Leaving one without a life, and one with a life in prison. That is how the system works, if someone dies, they automatically assume it was a crime when in reality it was a coincidence that caused him to have to defend himself. 

Keoddrick was arrested at Tyler State University, a junior college, he is not a product of his environment, he was a product trying to get out of his environment. When you're spiritual you understand that when you're following the right path, negative distractions will occur. 

The outcome of the trial was giving Keoddrick life without parole, with little evidence, none supporting the decision of capital murder. There were supposedly four witnesses, two which did not face the accuser during the trial, and two whose story was not the same. 

This is a very unfair situation and I am trying to do all that I can to get my brother the justice he deserves.