Accused of Rape now my Son Life is Over

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My Son Dylan Griggs is 13yrs old and he is being accused of rape. The only thing they have is the word of this little girl who is also 13yrs old. There is no rape kit and nothing else to go by but the word of this girl. My son wrote a statement at school saying that the girl showed her breast to him and he ran away and went to his friends house. He then went to a basketball game, in which his friends mom drop them off. This young lady told her friend that she was raped. She never told her step-mom or Dad what may or may not have happened she told a friend and the friend went and told the school what she had said.  When the police where called she told a story that she was held down and raped in an alley. She stated that it happened at 7:30pm. On a January day. There is no way that this is true my son was at a basketball game at school. There were over 75 people who seen him there at the game. And he was dropped off at my home around 9:15pm that night.  When my son wrote the statement at school he was told by the Vice Principal that the girl said that she was raped at her friends  house.  Then she changed it and said it happened behind her friends house. When she was ask by the police what had happen she said it happened in an alley. She has three stories she has told and how can they belive a word she is saying.  The statement my son wrote at school disappeared and no one knows anything. There are Five statements that were writing and no one is saying a thing about those. Like how one boy said he could have sex with her at anytime. Or how here friend had no clue she said it happened at here house.  In result my son has been in Dallas County Juvenile Detention Center for over 50 days. How is this justice when there is no evidence at all? I need my son home, he is not a bad kid. He just wants to play football.

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