Bring Safe And Responsible Off Road Racing Events Back To Hudspeth County.

Bring Safe And Responsible Off Road Racing Events Back To Hudspeth County.

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Petition to
Comissioner, Texas General Land Office George P. Bush

Why this petition matters

Commissioner Bush:

This correspondence is to inform you and the appropriate individuals at the General Land Office (GLO) that we fully support Tejas Off Road Racing Association (TORRA) events in Hudspeth County.  The undersigned represent landowners, land lease holders, businesses, and other interested local parties directly involved with past TORRA activities in the County.  We are hopeful that you allow TORRA to host events, including races, in the County again with official GLO permission and support.

In 2016 and 2017, TORRA hosted multiple events in Hudspeth County, based in the county seat Sierra Blanca.  TORRA communicated and built strong relationships with all impacted local entities to ensure the events were supported and successful.  TORRA obtained formal approval from the county commissioner’s court, worked closely with the Sheriff’s office to provide security, and received permission from every landowner and land lease holder directly impacted by its sponsored races.  All races were properly and adequately insured.  TORRA leadership personally inspected the racecourses at the events’ conclusion to identify any impact on the terrain or improvements.  Any damage identified during the inspection or brought to the attention of TORRA by affected parties was addressed. TORRA utilized local contractors for repairs.

Further, these events provided a substantial positive economic impact to businesses in the region.  TORRA events sold out motels, filled restaurants and stores, and often generated more revenue over a weekend than experienced over an entire financial quarter.  Other economic benefits have included thousands of dollars in donations from TORRA to the Hudspeth County 4-H program, hundreds of dollars in donations to local churches, and the hiring of the local EMS service provider to provide services at all races.

TORRA has pledged to continue being a respectful partner with our community.  Because of our positive relationship with TORRA, their respect for our community and the land, and the significant positive impact their events have in Hudspeth County, we respectfully request the GLO support and provide approval for future TORRA events.  We look forward to working with you and TORRA to bring back off-road racing to Sierra Blanca and Hudspeth County.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

475 have signed. Let’s get to 500!