Justice For All! Diversifying and de-colonizing our public education system!

Justice For All! Diversifying and de-colonizing our public education system!

July 5, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Isabel Lucia

     Many American schoolchildren live in a world where they have never seen themselves in there classes. The people who wanted them enslaved are made out as sinless heroes. The man who was pro-genocide and wanted them dead is hailed with discovering the land he stole. The periods of time in which they struggled and fought to live and thrive are ignored and washed away.
     The state of Texas has great power in what public education looks like on the national stage. Textbooks, Standardized tests, and Mathematics standards are often adopted first by the state of Texas and then many more. By signing this petition you are supporting racial justice, historical accuracy, and the representation of all peoples.

This petition demands the following in all schools,

1. The cease of the Celebration of Columbus Day as well as an acknowledgement of his crimes

As well as the following in all humanities courses,

1. Including examples of Black, Latino, and indigenous excellence in all units.

And finally the following in all History courses

1. Telling the histories of indigenous America separate from white colonialism.                               2. Emphasizing the existence and lives of the many slaves held by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and honoring how their forced sacrifice played a role in the formation of our country.
5. Teaching the lives of Black individuals in between the end of slavery and the Civil Rights Movement 
6. Teaching the narrative of Malcom X as well and in comparison to that of Martin Luther King Jr.            7. Teaching how the dehumanization of persons of non-white races and at times non-Protestant ethnic groups was used as a form of justifying inhuman practices for the sake of self service and economic gain.                                                                    
8. Acknowledge the legality of prison slavery
9. Including an in depth look into Nixon’s war on counter culture.                                                              
10. Acknowledgement of the Tulsa bombing, it’s cause, Black Wall Street and Seneca Village.

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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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