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Put my brother George Cox back on Traditional Medicaid!

My brother George has chronic liver disease he has had it since he was a baby he has been on disability since he was a baby too, and he is on a transplant list for his liver at Baylor Medical University in Dallas, but his Medicaid got switched to Scott & White STAR/Right Care plan, so Baylor University Medical took him off the transplant list because they don't accept Scott & White plans, And Scott & White hospitals don't do liver transplants. We were told that we could file to be un-enrolled from the program so that my brother could be put back on the list, So my mother sent the request with letters from his doctor at Baylor and his doctor at Scott & White saying that he needed traditional medicaid to get his liver transplant and we got a letter back today saying that he can't be un-enrolled from it. What do they expect us to do? Please Help Me!


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