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Provide support groups for survivors of prison rape

ultimately I would like for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to eliminate prison rape altogether and to abide by the PREA act put in place by congress, but that's a long ways away. Right Now I would just like them to set up support groups in Texas for inmates still in prison and for newly released inmates where they can get the help they need. I know that some people believe that if you deserve to be in jail "who cares what happens to you", but everyone deserves to feel safe from sexual abuse. Texas ranks 5th out of the 10 worst facilities for sexual violence. According to Just Detention a non profit organization who is advocating for better treatment of inmates and to eliminate prison rape altogether, believes that 200,000 inmates every year are raped. I believe that we can make a different and petition the government to do something about this and to get them the help they need.

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