Covid 19 The silent killer in Texas Prisons

Covid 19 The silent killer in Texas Prisons

July 2, 2020
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Currently there are many inmates who have been approved for parole but have been made to attend certain programs.These are not real programs.

Inmates are literly doing worksheet packets daily in their living quarters all because due to Covid 19 they cannot have normal classes.

This is not rehabilitation or certified program when no real class or interaction is administered, and they do not address any issue an inmate may have now or may have to face once released. 

Due to Covid 19 there are inmates like my husband who are high risk medical inmates that are vulnerable due to underlying medical conditions that have been approved for parole but are made to remain due to these classes.

It is inhumane to allow this to continue because it makes them an unfortunate inmate to get Covid 19 and possibly die due to their medical conditions.

These inmates need to be released. These packets that they are doing can be done at home under home confinement. 

This would save their lives and also eliminate the overcrowding within the  prison system.

Making inmates remain in these conditions where they are placed in harms way, limiting their ability to only one 10 minute phone call perday so they cannot let their families know what is really happening there from day to day.

Serving meals that are not fit for human consumption and many times sack lunches that are spoiled. There are even times when the only meal served was a cup of noodles and inmates were told they had no more food to give them.

keeping them in areas with very limited ventalation which contributes to medical issues for those like my husband who have respiratory problems.

Keeping them on lockdown for long periods of time are inhuman conditions and violates their 8th amendment rights and it clearly is a form of deliberate indifference because the medical department is aware of the medical conditions that many deal with daily yet they choose to not release these inmates who are more susceptible to catch the Covid 19 and die.

Family members around the State of Texas have been constantly crying out for help and being ignored.

This must stop inmates are human beings despite the unfortunate mistakes they have made they deserve to live. 

They were ordered to do their assigned time.They were not assigned to a death penalty.

When we have a national health pandemic what once was normal has to change. 

Social distancing cannot properly be applied because prisons are confined areas where germs and disease cannot get out due to a lack of ventilation so the germs just circulate. 

We as the families of every inmate solicit those in the decision making roles to step up to the plate and exercise compassion and humility in this area release those inmates that are currently in programming and have already been approved for parole. 

Place them on house arrest and allow them to finish said programming packets within the confinement of their homes.

Place mandatory monitors on them until they do finish the requirements but allow them to get the medical attention many need and save their lives.

Sick inmates that are eventually released will take Covid 19 home and or back to their communities sick and or dead inmates cannot properly contribute to their homes or society in a positive manner this could be stopped if they are released.

To be silent to the things you know are wrong, That you know do not demonstrate humanity and decency says a lot about the character one posesses.

We the people vote many into their roles because we entrust them to do what is right for the people this is one of those times we ask you to do what is right. Allow morals and values to override the aspect of politics and or just to remaining in power.

For those who are blessed to sit in those roles are the ones who must use it for good and to affect change.

Prisons reform must change and you now have the opportunity to begin that process.

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Signatures: 730Next Goal: 1,000
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