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Texas Court Steals Children With Fabricated Drug Tests and false police report

In August of 2008, my children Zaire, A’Shunte, Saniya and Seth Lowery were taken (kidnapped) without a court order by Harris County Texas, Child Protective Services. I was falsely arrested for stealing my mother’s car. The car case was dropped because my mother never reported her car stolen, but CPS refused to return my children. A court ordered hair follicle drug test was taken although I had no history of using drugs of any kind. A positive result was returned in 24 hours. It is scientifically impossible to confirm a positive hair test before 72 hours. Someone in the Texas 315 District Court fabricated a positive drug test result to steal my children. Now CPS forces my children to take psychotropic drugs without supervision. My girls are straight A Gifted Students. My children never took any drugs under my care. Although children of African descent make up only 16% of the minor population of Houston, Damilia Keith of FOX 26 News reported that children of African descent make up 66% of the foster care population.  There are more African American Children in Foster Care than there are in their homes. Congress and the Texas legislature need to strip judges of their 'Absolute Immunity' and allow lawsuits against judges who allow children to be taken against the Letter of the Law and there needs to be a special Grand Jury who decides if the suit proceeds or ends right there. Demand that  Civil Grand Jury proceedings  be held in open court, on the record, and the plaintiff shall have the unfiltered right to videotape and disseminate Civil Grand Jury Proceedings. Mainly my children, Zaire, A'Shunte, Saniya and Seth Lowery are to be returned to me immediately.

Sincerely, Karin Sims Lowery Mother: Zaire, A'Shunte, Saniya and Seth Lowery


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  • 309 & 315 Family District Family Court, Houston, TX
    President Obama, Judge Sherri Dean, Judge Kenneth Hoyt (Federal Court) Congresswoman Sheila Jackson
  • Texas State House
  • Texas State Senate

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