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Permanently remove Judge William Adams from the bench.

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In 2004, Judge William Adams beat his then-sixteen-year-old daughter Hillary with a belt, hitting her at least seventeen times, while her mother stood by and watched, even stepping in to hit the girl herself. During the beating both parents berated and screamed at the girl, who sobbed hysterically and repeatedly begged them to stop. Her father threatened her during the beating as well, saying he would hit her in the face if she didn't turn over on her stomach and take it. There was a camera hidden in the room at the time, which captured the entire beating.

By the time Hillary felt safe enough to come forward about her abuse in 2011, it was too late to file charges against her parents. Judge Adams got off with a warning, and in November 2012 was allowed to go back to the bench, presiding over family court.

Convicted or not, there is video evidence that this man is a child abuser, and he should not be allowed anywhere near family court. If this treatment is considered acceptable for his own children, what does he consider child abuse? Please sign this petition to urge the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct to permanently remove Judge Adams from the bench. If you still aren't convinced, go to and watch the video for yourself, and then decide if you're willing to stand by and watch this man not only get away with abuse, but sit in judgment over other parents.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: This video is not safe for work, is not appropriate for children, and could be triggering for survivors of abuse.

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