Petition to offer JustinKase Door Stoppers in Texas Schools.

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As students, we have a responsibility to provide and lead for our future generations so that possible tragedies and loss of life can be avoided. All throughout school, from elementary to high school, we have been taught social and educational skills that range from learning "please and thank you" to perfecting your algebra skills. While at school, each student should feel protected and secure, not worrying about their safety in any circumstance. Unfortunately, that sense of confidence has disappeared due to the many school shootings that have occurred in our country over the past several years. But, there is now a device that can be installed on high school doors that will prevent future break-ins from the shooter(s). The JustinKase Door Stopper is a metal door jam that is placed at the foot of the door with a nut and a bolt to lock it shut completely. Justin Rivard, the 17-year-old Wisconsin student who invented the life-saving device in shop class, was inspired by an ALICE drill. Similiar to Justin, my high school, Seguin High School, practices ALICE drills, where particular wings of the school are expected to barricade themselves in. Without the JustinKase Door Stopper, all we have to defend ourselves with are our desks, chairs and one cabinet. We should not be expected to survive a school shooting against automatic weapons hiding behind a table, so continue the spread of student's taking charge by signing my petition to offer JustinKase Door Stoppers in Texas schools.

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