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Texas Baptists Needs to Stop Funding Baylor

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Baylor University has allowed for various illegal activities to be pushed under the rug in favor of athleticism and star power. As such, Baptists should not be funding this University. In the 2015 Texas Baptists Budget (seen here:, Baylor has been given a staggering $300,000. As long as Baylor is not removing students from their sports teams for rape, drug use, and other immoral and illegal activities- showing favoritism of sporting events over the moral compass of the teachings of Jesus- we cannot support them financially.

This is to make a point to Baylor and other schools that human life is MORE VALUABLE than winning a game.

As a woman who was raped, I am enraged that the convention continues to stand behind and support Baylor's failure towards victim's rights. I was told that my rape was not an issue by a Baptist pastor, but all rapes and sexual assaults are major issues that should not be ignored or swept under the rug. We as Christians have to stop allowing the victimization and abuse by predators. I do believe in grace, but when the assailant shows no remorse and is on trial, the University should not allow the rapist to stay on the team.

To read the most recent issue, where a football coach has stated that a player who raped another student is going to be allowed to play, read This Texas Monthly Article

If a student is on trial for illegal activity, especially one that has endangered or harmed another life, they should not be allowed to practice, play or be on a team of any kind. If they are convicted and found guilty of rape, they should be expelled. NO EXCUSES.

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