Texas -- Ban Bullfighting NOW!

Texas -- Ban Bullfighting NOW!

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Citizens of the United States of America do not wish to have the cruel, barbaric, spectacle of bullfighting within our borders!  

Even in countries where bullfighting has been a horrific "tradition" -- many citizens of those countries are trying to outlaw bullfighting due to the heinous torture of bulls.  

Exhausted bulls are slowly stabbed to death, bellowing in pain and vomiting blood to appease sadistic spectators.  Actually, as a fighting animal the bull ranks about 92 on a scale of 100 -- just male cows -- herbivores.  No animal should ever be tortured to death for entertainment or any other reason!  

How dare you allow this barbarism to exist in Texas!   It really is un-American!  

 We, the undersigned, are outraged and appalled that bullfighting is occurring in Texas, please ban it immediately!