Father's Rights as a Parent

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Thank you for taking the time to read our petition. My husband and I are married with each of us having a child prior to our relationship. My daughter has not seen her biological father in over 6 years and my husband's son is picked up every chance he can get. Our frustration is that, both of these fathers have the same privilege, and it blows our mind that although one loves and adores his son, he has only seen him 1/5 of his son's life, and the mother has had him the other 80%. How could a man that abandoned his child have the same rights as a man that has fought to see his child? This small portion of time that my husband has spent with his son has resulted in my husband not being able to create that bond, necessary for their boy to be a psychologically sound adulthood. Thus, because they mutually could not make their relationship functional the child has to suffer. With this being said, we both know that our daughter's biological father has voluntarily disconnected, however, what about my husband's rights? Why should these two men have the same rights? Honestly, if this other man would try to come around and take my daughter from us now for a weekend I would feel very uncomfortable and would do everything in my power to prevent her departure.

We should come together as a community and request for true "joint-custody", allowing good fathers the advantage to spending more than just 20% of the child's life together. There are women that are abusive, habitual cheaters and justifiably unfit to be classified as being a "custodial parent" and others that are, but what about the Father's that want a relationship with their children? Children need both parents, co-parents, especially if they are both willing to do their part. Please stand with us and sign our petition allowing good fathers to have at least half shared time with their children. If they want to be in the child's life, they will request the time and adhere to their visitational rights. Please sign our petition allowing the government of Texas see the unfairness of the custodial agreements given by the Attorney General. 

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