End Texas A&M's current face covering policy starting March 10

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Governor Greg Abbot issued Executive Order GA-34 on March 2, which will lift the state-wide mask mandate on March 10.  It did, however, leave room for businesses, counties, and corporations to keep their policies regarding masks.

In light of the increase in mental health issues, misinformation regarding COVID-19 cases and deaths, and the stark, one-sided bias in media coverage regarding these issues, serious consideration should be taken concerning what actions our university should take.  This petition respectfully asks that Texas A&M stop enforcing mask-wearing on campus.

The facts remain that not a single TAMU student has died on account of the virus.  College age individuals are at the lowest risk according to CDC numbers.  Any student is welcome to wear a mask according to their conscience.   If you are a truly at-risk individual, take the necessary precautions.  If you have symptoms, stay home and wear a mask.  But we ask that Texas A&M University College Station and the Texas A&M University Office of the Provost not enforce mask-wearing on healthy, asymptomatic individuals after March 10.