Bring The Lotus Protocol to Our College Campuses

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 The world around us has always been a place filled with, at best, just as many problems as there are solutions; and at worst, problems we may never see the solution to. In the world of higher education, truth is the expected priority. That being said, we cannot move forward in our society without acknowledging and incorporating new technologies as solutions to find truth and potentially nullify the occurrence of incidents that plague us today.

Despite technological advances far and wide, initiatives from educational institutions, and social media awareness, sexual assault is still a prevalent part of college campus lifestyle.

Every day the world is greeted with new findings of rather overdue truths of what takes place in our communities. However with recent developments in the realm of blockchain technology, survivors of sexual assault have access to a new method of sexual assault reporting. The Lotus Protocol.

The Lotus Protocol is the world's first decentralized sexual assault reporting system. Built with the ideals of the bitcoin blockchain in mind, The Lotus Protocol is a public ledger of sexual assault reports that provide an open look into the true nature of sexual assaults as they happen within the real world.

Each report allows the survivor to write a description of themselves, a description of the incident, the location, the date and time, and a description of their attacker, and their intent to report it again to an authority figure or remain anonymous. These reports are secured using cryptography, making them unchangeable and immune to tampering from any third party entities.

The necessity of this protocol is simple, too often do we see campuses simply throw aside cases of sexual assault out of public eyesight, too often do we hear stories of survivors coming out to calls of victim blaming, too often do we hear of survivors of sexual assault falling into depression and out of school due to the trauma caused by not being able to talk to anyone about their story.

The Lotus Protocol acts as an unbiased entity that can be accessed by all who choose to download and install it on their own computers, whether that be law enforcement, college students, faculty, politicians, etc.

In conclusion, because of its innate transparency and alliance with our values as students who understand the growing need for the dismantling of rape culture,we the students of both the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University create this petition together as a show of support for implementing the Lotus Protocol into each of our respective universities existing sexual assault reporting structure.

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