It's time to remove the Sully statue.

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Over 6,000 Supporters! What does this mean?

Thank you to everyone that has signed this petition to move forward into the future! In the comments, we have seen several personal accounts of how this statue is affecting a significant minority of students on campus. Recently, another petition to keep the statue in Academic Plaza has been made. This is not some competition and it is sad to see that individuals have taken it in such a way. This is to fight for our minorities and begin the process of creating a more inclusive Aggie campus that truly embodies the Aggie Core Values. We also believe that removing the statue does not necessarily mean destroying it. This petition is to, at the very least, remove Sully from Academic Plaza, in addition to raising awareness of A&M's past and creating a better future of inclusion. Sully is important to the history of Texas A&M. We must remember it, we must acknowledge it, but we must not glorify it if we are to grow from it. If 6,000+ signatures is not enough to show the effects of this statue on a large number of the student body, we must continue to gain signatures until we prove that it is. Please continue sharing and thank you for your efforts! 

Aggies Respect
1 year ago