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This petition is the result of the backlash building against Texas Toll Roads. For 20 years. The State of Texas has allowed and encouraged the development of a complicated, abusive and convoluted Toll Road infrastructure. Arguably "negligent" legislation, enacted by lawmakers in Austin has enabled regional toll operators to "create" their own, individual operating regulations - many of which are unique to each regional toll system. This "lack of control and regulation" has directly resulted in a Toll Road System that is ABUSIVE to citizens.

The operating structure of the Toll Road System across the entire State of Texas MUST change. Current state laws do not adequately regulate Toll Road Operations or protect citizens from the "pitfalls" of the current laws, regulations and operating nature of Toll Infrastructure.

The result - True harm is coming to Texas citizens in the form of egregious fines, harassment, loss of driving privileges, an inability to register vehicles, arrests financial abuse and other circumstances that are due, not because Texans are outlaws trying to abuse the Toll system but instead, caused directly by the lack of proper regulation and oversight to prevent a Toll System that is NOT citizen Friendly.

There is a general consensus among ALL Texans is that lawmakers are turning a blind eye to the facts presented to them. They are unwilling to address the pleas of the people and the people feel helpless and violated.

There is no charter within the Texas Constitution enabling or allowing our government to create, encourage and operate a mode of transportation that  is incompatible with the Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution. 

"All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit"

Therefore, we the people of the state of Texas are informing you, our elected officials, that the Current system of the Toll Road Infrastructure in Texas is NOT operating in a mode that is strictly beneficial to the citizens of Texas. Instead, lawmakers have created a system fraught with abusive, corrupt, unethical and Unconstitutional practices. These abuses and non-beneficial practices have repeatedly been presented to State Lawmakers who have ignored us, refused to listen to us and failed to act in accordance with the very charter of your office under the State Constitution. 


We the people DEMAND that State legislators listen to, and address the litany of Unconstitutional, Unethical, abusive and non-beneficial "causes" of Unrest surrounding Toll Roads in Texas.


As an elected official, you have a responsibility to sensibly look out for the best interests of the people, to act in a manner that is in accordance with the best interests of the People and therefore, to correct the egregious operating concerns outlined herein.

If you fail to act, We The People are prepared to file what may become the largest Class Action Lawsuit in Texas History in Federal Court to seek legal remuneration including injunctive, compensatory, special and incidental damages.  

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Lieutennant Governor
    Dan Patrick
  • Governor of Texas
    Greg Abbott
  • State Senator
    Lois Kolkhorst
  • Texas House of Representatives District 79
    Joe Pickett
  • Executive Director TXDOT
    James Morris
  • Executive Director TXDOT
    James Bass
  • Tryon D. Lewis
  • Commissioner Texas Transportatiin Commission
    Jeff Austin III
  • Commissioner Texas Tramsportatiin Commission
    J. Bruce Bugg, Jr.
  • Commissioner Texas Transportation Commissioner
    Laura Ryan
  • Commissioner Texas Transportation Commission
    Victor Vandergriff
  • Executive Director North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority
    Chris Miller

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