Remove the single-use plastic cup and straw from the emoji keyboard

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Our oceans are drowning in plastic.

Single-use plastic has become so normalised that it has even found its way into our emojis.

You can help us change the conversation by signing our petition to remove the Cup With Straw emoji from our keyboards and raise awareness of the impact of single-use plastic waste on our oceans.

8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year; that’s the equivalent of a truckload being dumped every minute. This isn’t just happening in far-flung Pacific islands – it’s also spoiling our beaches, our drinking water and our fish.

But if we all work together, we can turn the tap off at the source of the problem.

Emojis are a part of our everyday life, playing a key role in our daily conversations. But when Unicode added the Cup With Straw emoji in 2017, single-use plastic made its way onto our keyboards – allowing us to throw it into our conversations as easily as we throw it away in real life.

We are petitioning for the removal of the Cup With Straw emoji. 

As part of the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign, which inspires people to make simple, everyday changes to stop our oceans from drowning in plastic, we aim to raise awareness of the need to stop the normalisation of single-use plastic. If we don’t remove the cup with straw emoji, we might soon have to remove the whale, fish and marine wildlife emojis.

Help us today by signing the petition, and let’s start a more positive conversation!